Monday, October 18, 2010

The answer is...

This was his reply in relation to my previous post

Hi Mr. Brightside,

Exhibit A: I actually thought you were going to tell me that you were really a straight guy (while we were on a date).

Exhibit B: This was cleared already, I did point out to you after that, "I do walk straight" (I mentioned that I have knock knees...yup, piki ako) just so I get to be at par with what you did, so no worries, let's call it quits. haha

1) I am happy to have met you too, minus the fact that part of meeting and dancing with me was to really avoid another person. haha (please refer to this post)

2) It was my pleasure, that's one of the things I'm really good at, or at least I think.

3) Same here, you were very funny. Especially that part where you didn't want me to look at you while you sing. Enjoyed that BIG TIME. (I sang Gabe Bondoc's cover of Somebody to Love)

4) Thank you Mr. Brightside. It was really nice meeting you. I also find you cute. And I would have to second what BK said, you really look like you're cuddly. haha

I was nervous too when I saw you again, it felt a bit awkward seeing you again so I had to start speaking and all. I love the walk around Tomas Morato. It was a good night.

Sorry for keeping you that late, I find you very entertaining and interesting to talk to. =)

Yes. But only if you sing to me a whole song and if Bezty (best friend ko since high school a.k.a. my fag hag) won't get mad. =)


  1. Mr. Brightside :)

    Nakakatuwa ang post na 'to. Parang isang field ng sunflowers. (ano raw?) haha.

  2. uyyy mukhang may magandang love story na nabubuo!

  3. huwaw....sana umpisa na ito ng isang kapana panabik na love story ;P