Sunday, October 17, 2010

The question is...

Ngayon lang nagsink in... I said some pretty stupid things last night. (Mr. Brightside slaps his forehead)

Exhibit A: I have a thing for boobs
I really don't know where this came from. What gay guy in his right mind would say this during a first date? He might think that I am some weirdo, and I won't blame him. Heck, I think I'm a weirdo.

Exhibit B: Ever since I was a child, dentists think that i have a good set of teeth
Sinabi ko pa talaga siya after he shared about his over bite. How rude and insensitive of me. (Mr. Brightside slashes his wrist...kidding =D)

and many more, I bet.

To be honest, I was nervous prior and during the date. First date jitters, I guess. But I hope, despite the stupid things I said, that I was able to send the following messages:

1) Even though our meeting was accidental (please refer to my previous post), I am really happy that I met him.
2) I appreciate his effort to make me feel comfortable last night.
3) I enjoyed our conversation and his company.

and most important of all

4) I like him. I think he's cute and he has a wonderful personality, which I think is rare.

So now, the question is, would he go out with me for another date? (Mr. Brightside crosses his fingers while saying: please, please, please say yes)


  1. Hope he does. Malalaman mo yan pag walang nagbago sa texting habits niyo. ;)

  2. we all get first date jitters. ako nga, i talk too much sometimes. haha! and yeah, the texting habits say a lot. hope this goes well, good luck! :)

  3. aw, another lovestory in the making:) na masarap sundan...