Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anong pangalan ng best friend ni Spongebob?

October 1, 2010, I texted Boy Kulot (BK for short...GBF dated this guy before we started dating) and Mr. Mature (Mr. M for short...friend ni BK, na naging friend ni GBF, na naging friend ko na din)...

"BK and Mr. M, gusto kong uminom at sumayaw na para akong may pinagdadaanan... haha... see you guys later"

Actually, hindi parang, may pinagdadaanan tlga ako nun, sort of. There was this guy, we dated for a month pero nagkalabuan since may hang-ups pa siya sa ex niya. So I suggested for some "time-off" (at ngayon mukhang indefinite na itong time-off na ito dahil halos one (1) month na kaming hindi nagkikita). Dahil medyo pagod na akong mag-isip at mag-emo, I needed to go to a place where I could void myself of thoughts and emotions. I needed to go to a bar, a gay bar to be exact.

October 2, 2010
at around 2am

We arrived at O-bar in Ortigas, the one near Metro Dorm (GBF used to live here, back in 2008...wala pang O-bar noon...I miss him, I miss my best friend).

Up-beat music + Dancing + Drinks + Cute boys = Perfect distraction

Being perfectly distracted was cut short when I saw GBF's ex, na college kabarkada ng best friend ko nung high school (my fag hag, universal fag hag to be exact, I will post something about her someday =D), na kakilala din pala ni BK, na kilala ako at hindi niya alam na PLU ako. Whew! Itago natin siya sa pangalang UG (Uber Gwapo)

Note: 1) Si UG ay hawig ni Derek Ramsey, with softer features
2) I have a thing for cute kalbo men =D

Since busy si Mr. M sa paglandi (later on nalaman namin na ayaw pala niya yung lumalandi sa kaniya),I voiced out my issue kay BK.

"BK! T@!#$%*! andito si UG, di niya ako pwede makita!"

You see, I have this belief/principle that the only people that may know about my sexuality are the ones close to me. In other words, hindi kami close ni UG at hindi niya kailangan malaman na PLU ako.

BK told me "Tara, let's roam around... I think I saw a former classmate, puntahan natin sila"

As we trod through the dance floor, I was very mindful where UG was situated, so that I could conceal my presence properly. Finally, we saw BK's former classmate and BK introduced me. His name is Patrick (Pat for dami ng sinabi kong tao at issues sa buhay ko, siya talaga ang subject matter ng post na ito =D). So I danced with him for a while, usap usap onti, then I decided to go back to where BK and Mr. M. But wait! Pag lingon ko sa kanila, hala si BK kausap na si UG (at sinabi niyang kasama niya ako... alam na!). So I turned around and continued dancing with Pat instead. Sayaw sayaw at usap usap ulit, I flirted with him a little, I told him "Remove your cap," he was hesitant at first but he eventually took it off. He's kalbo =D(please refer to Note 2 above). I couldn't resist, I rubbed his head (no pun intended). Sayaw sayaw and usap usap some more. After 30 to 45 minutes of dancing...

Pat: "Pagod na ako"
Me: "Do you want to step out for a while"
Pat: "Sure, sure"

Around 4am, we stepped out of O-bar and went to Starbucks. We sat and we just talked about work, educational background, past loves, etc. (btw napakanta niya ako ng di oras ng Mr. Brightside at Use Somebody... I guess naimpress naman siya =D) Di namin napansin 6:30am na! So we decided to part ways.

Almost two weeks after...

October 12, 2010, he officially asked me out
Pat: Can I ask for another thing
Me: It depends. What is it?
Pat: Next time na lang pala
Me: C’mon, tell me, don’t be shy
Pat: Ummmm, I’m not shy
Me: So ano yun?
Pat: Cartwheel
Me: What!? Haha… Fine, next time mo na lang sabihin
Pat: Are you malambing?
Me: Tough question.. uhm.. Yes? What do you think?
Pat: I dunno. Good night Mr. Brightside
Me: Good night Pat
Pat: Would you like to go out with me?
Me: I was going to ask you the same thing, pero sa Friday pa sana… so, yes
Pat: But I have a favor to ask
Me: What is it?
Pat: Can I not be one of those meaningless dates? (kinilig naman ako dito ng very light)
Me: Pat, pointless not meaningless, remember
Pat: Hope it won’t be pointless too
Me: You just made me smile… I hope so too
Pat: Oh. You still have to ask me If I wanna go out with you. Haha
Me: Would you like to go out with me?
Pat: Now? Haha
Me: Are you free Saturday night?
Pat: Yes.
Me: Then it’s a date?
Pat: Yes.
Me: Ok =D

Here I go again, wish me luck.


  1. never pa ko nakagimik dyan. sama mo naman ako..haha
    oops magiging third wheel pala ko if ever =)
    good luck!!!

  2. This reminds me of what my friend used to say, "Usher is a douche. You'll never find love in this club." Well, turns out that your not-meaningless date proves him wrong. :) goodluck!

  3. @DB & C.C. - Thanks, I think with my experience lately, I need all the luck I can get

  4. i don't believe in luck when it comes to the laws of attraction. it has to be you, or the other guy.

    it has to be you.