Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Message: Seriously Speaking (Part 1)

Hi Mr. B,

I miss you. Call it clingy, extreme or over the top but i'm just being honest. It was very easy to feel comfortable with you from the very first time I met you. I cannot deny the fact that you were entertaining to talk to, which never fails until now. You hit me with your charm- telling me that I will have a very good time whenever I'm with you. We've been dating a number of times already, watched few good movies, laughed at crazy situations, spent sleepless nights, delivered corny jokes, called each other names like "ToE" and even skipped diets everytime we go out.

I appreciate all the things you've done to make us work, event before that famous chocolate cake you brought at our office to the one you brought at One Esplanade, from that Pichi-pichi to the Christmas Lights Show at the Ayala Triangle. I may forget things as you know how I am but I surely appreciate them at that moment. And I appreciate you.

I'm really happy to have met you. To have held you hand while we're in my tinted car (Yey!), in watching movies, in the bus and even in the MRT. I like it when you kiss my forehead, when you thoughtfully give me an instant hug or you just kissed me instantly whenever you feel like it. I cannot forget the time at Eastwood when you forgot we were in a public place and you just went on tickling me. Hahaha!

I hope these moments will last. These are the times when we still are getting to know each other and so far it has been a very good journey. We started things of by betraying conventions on what to NOT talk about during the first dates and all. I'm happy we got along, we are on the same page. We clicked.

I like you. A lot.


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