Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Re: Seriously Speaking (Part 2)

Hey Pat,

I miss you too. Don't worry I don't find it clingy, extreme or over top. I find it sweet. You are sweet Pat (consistently).

I think I told you before that I would not mind spending time with you, even on a daily basis; I wouldn't grow tired of it. Even if we run out of things to say to each other, exhausted every corny joke there is and run out of things to do, just to be beside you would be enough for me.

I appreciate you and the things that you do. With you I experienced certain ‘firsts’. Like the time you drove to Antipolo to show me the beautiful sight of Manila by night. The time you accompanied me going home through commute. And recently, you gave me a rose stem. I may not express my gratitude in the best way possible, but rest assured that I am grateful. On top of these, there are three things that I want to thank you for:

1. Thank you for being jolly / comedic. When I’m with you, happiness is amplified by
a 100x and a stressful situation turns into a fun one.
2. Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to show you what I really am.
3. Thank you for allowing me to step into world. A prolonged stay would be highly

Looking forward to more kulit, fun, crazy, romantic, intimate and unconventional moments with you.

Mr. B

I like you Pat, very much.

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