Friday, September 30, 2011

The Guy with a White Cap On

This is the story of how we met.

It happened on this day a year ago (If I remember correctly, it was around 2:00am). I was in O-Bar (Ortigas) with two good friends dancing my heart out. It was a dance borne out of frustration, frustrations I had with dating and not finding the one.

Note: Yes, I am that type of (gay) guy, who believes in the one, fairytales, happily ever afters. A classic hopeless romantic who invests emotions, who later on finds out that he invested in watered stocks (who eventually had a 500% RoI with the one I'm with :D).

I was having a good time but my frustration-hands in the air-dance was interrupted. I saw a friend who is not supposed to know about my true identity (well, not at that time). I literally panicked and asked my friend to hide me, he in turn told me he saw a former classmate. So in an attempt to conceal my presence, I went with my friend to say hi to this former classmate, Pat.

My friend introduced us to each other and I greeted him politely. I said to myself, "What's up with this guy? He's wearing a cap, in a bar. Hindi ba siya naiinitan?!" Then I danced with him for a while, it was the polite thing to do (I'm such a gentleman..haha). When I was ready to go back to my friends, I saw my friend talking to my other friend whom I was hiding from. I literally panicked and the quick fix was to stay with Pat.

Note: Before we went in the bar I told my friends I don't want to meet anyone as I was supposed to take a break from the dating scene. Once again destiny would play another joke on me. The only difference is, this time it's a good one.

As I danced with Pat, I found out that he graduated from a prestigious state university, he works as an events coordinator, he did OT that Friday night and other information you can find in a CV (HR initial interview ang atake..haha). In an attempt to ease my discomfort with seeing him dance with a cap on (ang init nga kasi), I told him "Remove your cap." It took a while before he removed it and once he did I had a sudden urge to rub his head (no pun intended.. I have a thing for kalbo men, so manly and clean looking). When he got tired from dancing, I saw it as an opportunity to further conceal my presence from the abovementioned friend. So I asked Pat if he'd like to step out for a while and we did (it was around 4:00am).

Outside we got to know each other better. We talked about our families, educational background, past relationships, I even sang to him (Mr. Brightside and Use Somebody.. I think he somehow got impressed). We talked for two whole hours.

Instant chemistry.

Who would have thought that a means of hiding can turn into something meaningful, an unexpected meeting can turn into romance, that God would answer my prayers with a guy wearing a white cap dancing in a bar (who turned out to be sweet, kind-hearted and oh so charming).

I will always find joy in reminiscing how we met, for it was...

Destiny. Serendipity. Tadhana.

by Up Dharma Down


  1. nice start of a fairytale huh.. :)

  2. Oooh! So this is how it all started! I didn't knoe! Pat never told me! Hahaha... Awww... Very accidental but look how cute you guys are now together! Yay!