Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teaser: Pasablog!!! Why I started blogging

Bakit nga ba nagsimulang magblog si Mr. Brightside? At bakit ang emo emo nang batang ito?

I will quote Julie Andrews when she played Maria in The Sound of Music "Let's start from the beginning, a very good place to start."

Here's a teaser of my upcoming post...

Sometime in December 2009...

His brother went home to the province so he invited me to spend the weekend at his place. We chilled, watched movies, he showed me his blog (yep, isa siyang blogger... Pasabog! or should I say Pasablog!) and I read some of his posts, he cooked (it was decent...edible...hehe), we slept and we slept together/made love/had sex (whichever term/phrase you may prefer). Monday came, I had to go to work, he had to go home to the province to spend Christmas with his family. I left his place smiling, thinking, this may really be it, my search may be over. But apparently, circumstances would yet again pull a cruel joke on me.

...To be continued


  1. Uy balita ito. Sino kayang blogger ito. Hehehe.

  2. baket mo bina blog yung nangyari sa atin nung december? akala ko ba may usapan tayo na sikreto lang un??

  3. @ Mugen - abangan ang official release ng Pasablog... hehe

    @Soltero - Patawa ka.. haha

  4. kelan ang pagpapatuloy nito? :D

  5. at sino naman kaya ung blogger na un?hmmm abangan!