Monday, September 20, 2010


Thoughts of a single guy

1. It is hard...
to get hurt by someone you love, it is painful
2. It is difficult...
to lose someone we've become accustomed to
3. But after the hurt we find strength
After the loss, we find ourselves again...
better than what we were before
4. There are things that you need to do alone...
Family and friends can only do so much...
It all boils down to you and the choices you make
5. Some people are meant to be apart for them to grow...
The question is, will that growth lead two people back to each other? Back to
Or will growth, time, circumstances lead them farther apart?
6. I am not expecting from anything from anyone anymore.
I've learned that the key to happiness is having lesser expectations.
That way, you're allowing yourself to be surprised.
7. I've learned that my happiness should not depend on someone else,
Because if that someone disappears,
So will my happiness
8. I've learned that when you love someone and that someone loves you back,
It doesn't mean you own the person...
It doesn't mean you have infinite chances...
One way or another, that person will eventually leave
9. Forever only exists in fairy tales,
In our vulnerable imagination,
In our "free-est" dreams,
In our hopeless romantic hearts,
But never in reality
10. Still...
No matter how shitty things may get
I will always believe...
Always hope...
Always yearn...
For my "happily ever after"


  1. number 8 totally hits Home. hehe
    to a brighter singlehood, mr. brightside?