Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Promise

A love story:

It was the perfect start of a wonderful love story. Boy 1, tired from work and from pointless dates, went to O-bar with friends (he wasn't expecting to meet anyone/he didn't want to meet anyone). Boy 2, also tired from work, was invited by a friend to go to O-bar to distress. Boy 1 saw a friend of his best friend and hid (Boy 1 was not yet that "open" at that time). In an attempt to conceal himself, one of Boy 1's friends suggested that they roam the dance floor and said "I think I saw a former classmate." The "former classmate" he was pertaining to was Boy 2. The two boys meet for the first time. Boy 1 danced with Boy 2, it was the polite thing to do at that time. After a while, Boy 1 decided to return to his friends, after all he did not intend to meet anyone that night and he made a decision to take a break from the dating scene. Panic! Boy 1's friend was talking to the guy Boy 1 was trying to avoid, in another attempt to hide, Boy 1 decided to stay where Boy 2 was situated and danced with him.

"Pagod na ako magsayaw," Boy 2 uttered... "Would you like to step out for a while?" Boy 1 replied... The two boys stepped out and engaged in a 2-hour conversation. A connection was made... Instant chemistry.

Still unsure of the possibilities between them, two weeks passed by, two weeks of trying to find out if it's still worth a try. Alas, the boys found the necessary courage and started dating.

After almost two months of sweet-funny-anything goes-crazy dates, November 24, 2010, Boy 1 took a risk:

I love you. Take a risk with me. Be my boyfriend

And so did Boy 2:

I guess the monthsary is every 24th of the month

It has been seven (7) months of love for the two boys. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of their relationship, how rare and beautiful it is. What makes it even more wonderful is both their families and friends support their relationship.

But, a love story is not a love story if there are no challenges in between. Now the boys are facing a tough challenge... We are facing a tough challenge.

Two months ago my boyfriend left the country to work in Saudi Arabia. It was a difficult but necessary choice to make and I completely understand his reasons. Despite the distance (and the time difference) we decided to make it work. After all, it is a rare and beautiful love story that is worth fighting for.

A message to My Love:

Mahal ko,

It has been seven months of love, and I am looking forward to an infinite number of months to celebrate with you. You are my forever and I am your always.

I miss you and I love you so much.

A promise:

Kailanman hinding hindi magsasawa...
Na sabihin at ipakita...
Na mahal na mahal kita...
Habang buhay ikaw ay nais makasama

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  1. The great thing about long distance relationships, is that the distance makes the heart even stronger.

    Best of luck to you both. I love love stories with a happy ending.